Humu Humu Nuku Nuku APua’A

5 02 2010

Kona – Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua'A

Why, Yes! It is the state fish of Hawaii. But, it is also the longest bicycle model name in the cycling world. And, my Humu is the bicycle in my fleet that I have loved the longest. I have reconfigured this orange beauty (I love orange) many, many times to suit my needs. She has seen time as a single speed mountain bike, casual lunch bike, rail trail tourer, and most recently my bus commuter. Right now the Humu is set up to be a little mountain, a little BMX, and a whole bunch of ultra-durable commuter bike. Profile Racing BMX hubs(w/hockey lace hub polishers) laced to Sun Ringlé Rhino Lite rims wrapped with Tioga Factory MTB tires. I decided to go with knobbies for inclement weather since I don’t ride more than a few miles at a stretch when I am taking the bus into New Haven, otherwise I would have kept my Kenda Cross tires. BMX cruiser bars get my hands high and my back upright for safe riding around New Haven. Shimano XT cranks with the big ring mounted in place of the middle ring and a Girvin Rock Ring mounted where the big ring used to be. I have run this setup for years. I don’t think you can get Rock Rings anymore. Too bad! It does a great job of keeping your pant leg away from the chain and sprocket teeth. 48t Chainring and an 18t freewheel for gearing. Crupi BMX chain tensioners keep the Z-chain ideally tensioned. Platform BMX pedals with steel pins. Blackburn rack. SKS fenders. Planet Bike Beamer 3 up front. Planet Bike Superflash and a Cateye Blinker out back. Oh, and did I mention it’s orange? Did I mention I LOVE orange? I love orange.

Shimano XT cranks with Girven Rock Ring

Profile BMX hub with hockey lace hub polishers.




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