High Wheeling with Matthew Feiner

6 02 2010
Matthew Feiner High Wheel Chapel Street

Matthew Feiner high wheeling it down Chapel Street.

I had the opportunity to run some errands downtown yesterday with Matthew Feiner, owner of The Devil’s Gear. Matt was on his new Rideable Bicycle Replicas Superior model high wheeler. Matt is amazingly adept at handling the rigors of downtown New Haven traffic. Of course, most of it comes to a crawl as curious drivers rubberneck. Pedestrians often shout’ “Cool bike man!”, or “How do you ride that.” and Matt eagerly returns their salutations in kind with a smile and a wave. At our stop at the Union Station train depot, a station worker ran inside to gather some co-workers, “Hurry, hurry you don’t want to miss this. Hurry.” By the time I had returned outside a small group had gathered around Matt waiting to see how it was he managed to mount such a tall bicycle. The woman who had gathered the co-workers said, “I was inside and I saw you glide by above the cars and I had to come out to see.” Seeing a high wheel bicycle cruising the lunchtime streets of downtown New Haven is quite a site to see. Especially when the rider is as entertaining as the bicycle he is riding. I hear there are plans afoot for a throng of three or possibly a floatilla of four high wheelers roaming the greater downtown area soon . . .

Matthew Feiner High Wheel near Wooster Park

Mathew Feiner high wheeling past a commuter near Wooster Park.

Humu and High Wheel Locked

The Humu and the high wheeler, locked.




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