In February, Sunday is my no fun day.

7 02 2010

Snow Plow

Following behind a snow plow after a recent storm.

I do not like to ride far when the weather is below freezing. Unfortunately, each mass transit offering on Sundays has it’s downsides. The CTtransit Bus schedule doesn’t come as far north as my stop on Sundays. And, Amtrak’s Sunday fare is $8 in each direction. That leaves me with little other option than to ride my bicycle. It is a 14 mile commute in each direction, making for a 28 mile daily commute. As I mentioned I do not enjoy riding when the weather is below freezing. This morning when I awoke the temperature was 15 degrees and the wind was blowing out of the west at 10 mph. I was not looking forward to pedaling to New Haven today. The weather situation was bad enough but, the worst assailant on my willpower was a nice little headache. I drank a couple of large glasses of water and began to get ready, slowly. I really wasn’t happy about riding. I was battling myself at every turn. Eventually, I bit the bullet when I realized that this is a commitment. A commitment to commuting to work without a car. Ultimately, almost entirely by bicycle. Sundays are the hardest to deal with in February but, they can also be the biggest kick in the butt. It is unavoidable. It is better to accept it and march on than to struggle and fight it. By the time I had finished my inner pep talk I was ready to leave. So, I grabbed the vintage Nishiki road bike(pics later) and headed down the front steps.

I was so upset at myself for my poor attitude that I decided to hammer it all the way to work. Most of my route is almost directly due south. As I rounded onto the first extended southbound stretch I was warmed up enough to hit the big ring. I pressed for the first few miles. Then I backed off for the next mile or so to let my muscles recover a bit. I was surprised at how quickly I was moving. I didn’t feel all that fast. I had decided not to look at my computer the whole way to work. It just felt like I was reaching the usual milestones fairly quickly today. By the time I rounded onto State Street in North Haven I had recovered enough to press again. State Street can be rough sometimes. There is no cover to protect you from the wind. I was worried the wind would coming from in front. Fortunately, for today, it was hitting me in the right shoulder. And it was fairly steady. It became my nemesis. Every time it lashed me, I lashed back. I took out my aggression on it. Every time I was blown to the left, I fought back with forward momentum. I wouldn’t let it slow me down. I didn’t really want to be out here today so, I didn’t have anything to loose. Before I knew it I was passing the DMV. I let up to start my cool down before I got into New Haven. When I got to work I was feeling great! I was so happy I rode! I finally looked at my computer. 46:57! and 18.97 average MPH! Both personal bests for my commute. By 5 minutes and 2.5MPH! Whoo Hoo! A great morning ride! By the time I rode home my muscles were a little sore from pushing it in the morning but my mood was much improved about the ride home. The constant 10MPH headwind the whole way home didn’t even bother me that much.




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