XtraCycle pickup and delivery.

22 02 2010

Devil's Gear Xtracycle loaded with a bicycle picked up for repair.

The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop offers both bicycle pickup and delivery via their Civia Hyland XtraCycle with a set of Trey Biens. What’s that? An Xtracycle is a bicycle with a cargo loading system called a FreeRadical that attaches to the back of the bike. It extends the wheelbase of the bike by adding a cargo frame into the rear wheel droupouts and the rear wheel into the cargo frame. It can support 200 lbs of cargo in front of the ‘new’ rear wheel location and 55lbs behind this location for a total cargo capacity of 255 lbs. Cool. There are a number of attachments to do anything from hauling groceries, panniers, your kids or even hauling bicycles like The Devil’s Gear XtraCycle does. If you like within New Haven and you have a bicycle that you are having difficulty getting into the shop give The Devil’s Gear a call. You can arrange for pickup of your bicycle. Get a repair estimate when the bicycle is picked up. Have it serviced at the shop. And, even have it delivered back to your doorstep. The cost of the service is $15.00 each way. The XtraCycle can hold two bicycles at once.

I think The Devil’s Gear pickup and delivery service is a great idea. If your bike is your main transportation around New Haven and it is broken, so you can’t get it to the shop, having it picked up is a great idea. When it is fixed you can ride it home again. Or, if you have a tune-up scheduled but, can’t get away from the office. It can be picked up from you at work. Serviced. Then either delivered back or picked up at the shop after work.

The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop – 433 Chapel Street – 203-773-9288

The Devil's Gear XtraCycle can carry two bicycles at once.




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