Locking Your Bicycle: Good and Bad

2 03 2010

Cable around bike and post with U-lock as a padlock? FAIL!!

Wow! I was out walking around New Haven today and I came across some horribly locked bicycles. The U-lock needs to be around your frame AND the post you are locking to. If you use a cable it should be a secondary form of security to leash your wheels. The cable should never be used to attach your bike to the post. Cables can be cut!! If you lock your bicycle to a post or rack in New Haven with a cable the chances of it getting stolen go up dramatically. U-lock frame to post. Again. U-lock frame to post.
Please visit my How to Lock Your Bike page for detailed locking instructions.

U-lock around frame and cable looped through little metal thingy? FAIL!!

U-locks around frame and rack and front wheel? Cable locking rear wheels? Success!! Two beautifully locked bicycles.




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