The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop – Commuter of the Month

10 03 2010

Each month The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop names a lucky individual (or family) as their ‘Commuter of the Month.’ It’s a great idea to honor those who are making an effort to commute to work without the use of an automobile. And, I am very honored to be named the Commuter of the Month for March! Thank You Devil’s Gear!

If you or someone you know wants to be considered for The Commuter of the Month send the following information to The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop through their Contact Us page here.

Do you commute to work or school by bike?
Do you know some one who does ?
Send us contact info for how to get in touch with them.
And you or they will be commuter of the month !!

1. Name?
2. What is our nickname?
3. What do you ride? Make? Model?
4. What is your rides nick name?
5. What is your commute?
6. Funny Anecdote
7. Favorite bike tip

Click here to view The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop’s Commuter of the Month page.




One response

23 10 2010

Aphirath Vongnaraj

I Ride a Trek 820 in the summer time
I Ride Giant ATX 890 from 1996 in Winter because of all the salt my city uses to melt the snow.

I ride year round even in minus 35 degrees celcius.
I live in Canada just north of Fargo North Dakota and it’s cold.

I commute 3 miles to work and back. Some days I’ll run.

Well I invented HybridBackpack for riders who want to take their backpack or any items such as a CASE OF BEER or a PET CARRIER. I came up with it because I couldn’t find any panniers that was able to carry my backpack.

Everyone thinks it’s an engineered Bungee Cords. It’s not. It allows you to take small and large items. It acts as a rear fender and has many other functions.

my motto
“you have it, take it off your back and take it with you”

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