Rinky-Dink Roof Retro-Fitted with Righteously Recycled Rack

10 03 2010

Yakima rack securing the wheel for journey to pending adventure.

Since the demise of my automobile my options for transporting bicycles to places afar has been impeded. So, in order to alleviate this problem I donated one of my old Yakima racks to my best riding buddy’s car . . . The Lemon. The Lemon is a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon that doesn’t have much room inside for bicycles and gear. The Lemon also has limited possibilities available for attaching a bike rack. The spoiler on the back negated virtually every single rear carrier made. The car sits too low to allow for a receiver hitch mounting. And there really isn’t much roof available for a roof rack. Fortunately Yakima’s specs do allow for carrying two bicycles with the setup shown in the photographs. Aside from the donation of the rack (Yakima Q-towers and bars) The Lemon had two Yakima Copperhead bicycle racks, two pairs of Yakima Q46 clips, and a 6 pack of lock cores purchased for it. Roof racks aren’t cheap investments and the total for everything purchased was about $350.00. But, if the Q-towers and bars had to be purchased new, the cost would have been closer to $500.00. It is a good idea if you are in the market for a roof rack to check the want ads for one. They last forever (I have accessories I have been using for 20years), and you can really save some loot buying what you can get used and augmenting that with the purchase of new accessories. I love roof racks. They hold the bicycle very securely. You can access the insides of the car with the bikes loaded. And, the do the best job of protecting the painted finish of your bicycle.

Yakima rack installed, loaded and ready to go.

The Lemon ready for adventure.