Farmington Canal Trail high wheel bicycle ride.

4 05 2010

Spent May 1st riding on the Farmington Canal Trail with The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop and their high wheel bicycles. We covered 33 miles, very impressive for a high wheeler! There was a stop at the halfway point to consume the incredibly delicious Sweet Claude’s ice cream. A great day!


Critical Mass – April 30, 2010

2 05 2010

Critical Mass working it's way through the streets of New Haven.

A wide variety if bicycles come to Critical Mass including high wheelers and box bikes.

Marty Waters riding his tall bike through New Haven.

Pennies from heaven.

13 04 2010

The Devil's Gear Bike Shop's six high wheel penny bikes parked outside the shop.

Six penny bikes ready for action.

Spring Snow of Cherry Blossoms

9 04 2010

The Devil's Gear Bike Shop Penny bikes near Wooster Park in New Haven.